Our Services

massage-pageOur services include full body massage, reflexology, facial sculpting, body analysis & corrective movement classes, and henna art. See below for details about each service.

Full Body Massage:

½ hour $ 45.00 ~ 1 hour $80.00 ~ 1 ½ hour $120.00 ~ 2 hour $175.00

*add a pre-massage hot rock session to loosen those deep knots $10.00 (1/2 hr.)
*add a pre-massage aromatherapy session to stimulate and relax your senses $15.00 (1/2 hr.)

You will receive an individualized massage each visit custom tailored to your needs and your body’s priorities on any given day. Modalities of the massage may change depending on the nature of your visit.
{Swedish relaxation ~ Deep Tissue~ Trigger Pt. ~ Reflexology ~Rolfing ~ Reiki ~ Shiatsu}

Massage Packages Available:

Purchase (4) 1 hour massages / receive a 5th massage @ 50% off ($40.00)
$320.00 + #5 @ $40.00 = 360.00 + tax


1 hour sessions $45.00 (Site specific) i.e.… feet or hands or head

Reflexology is a modality of massage that has been used throughout the centuries in Eastern bodywork to assist the body in becoming balanced not only physically but electrically as well. Since we are all made of energy, accessing these different reflexology points in the Feet, Hands & Head have proven beneficial in stimulating internal organs, balancing your body’s energy pathways, allowing energy to flow in a more efficient manner and increasing the health of the body in general. Reflexology is a great source of stress relief.

Facial Sculpting

$90.00 (1 hour)

Lay back and enjoy the instant benefits of a facial sculpting session. Warm hydrating gel is applied to sooth facial muscles into a relaxed state, followed by a micro-current stimulation to neck, face, brows & forehead to smooth fine lines & creases, stimulate the production of collagen to tighten skin & stimulate the flow of blood increasing the oxygen & nutrition to the skin. Lift sagging brows & jaw lines.

The closing of the facial includes a relaxing detoxifying mask to remove excess toxins from the skin. Followed by a relaxing facial massage with a hydrating collagen lotion & final aroma therapy mist.
(For best results, consecutive sessions are recommended to condition facial muscle for firmness.)

Facial Sculpting Packages:

Purchase (5) sculpting sessions / receive a 6th session @ 50% off ( $45.00)
5@$90.00 = 450.00 + #6 @ $45.00 (50% discount) = $495.00 + tax.

Body Analysis & Corrective movement class:

$35.00 (1 hour)
Learn how to move correctly & alleviate chronic pain.

This is a class designed to reduce the effects of chronic pain associated with poor posture, “improper movement due to injury or just everyday “bad habits” from a heavy bag to the way we sit at our desk.

Receive a postural & gait analysis , discuss & practice corrective movement to address the issues found & also go home with several more corrective movements for maintaining balanced movement.


Prices vary: starting at $20.00+
Temporary Henna art is an artistic way to decorate your Hands, Feet, or just about anywhere on the body you would like to have a beautiful Temporary tattoo . It lasts 1 -3 weeks, depending on the care given and the environment they are placed in. Henna paste temporarily stains skin. Organic henna paste used.